Dykem High Purity RVS marker Zwart (medium)

Dykem Sudz- off marker Wit

Dykem High temperature marker Zwart TXP (medium tip)

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Dykem high temperature marker: Hoge temperatuur verf marker.+/- 1093 graden. Ideaal voor het merken van ruwe oppervlakken, zoals beton of roestig metaal. Schrijft ook makkelijk door olie, vet en water. Droogtijd 25-30 min. RVS ball tip, dus weinig slijtage.

ideal for marking on surfaces that will be exposed to extreme high temperatures. • Marks made at ambient temperature on non-porous surfaces will become fused and permanent after heat is applied. • Marks (certain colors) are heat resistant up to 2000◦ F (1093◦ C). • Write through oil and grease without losing legibility or brightness. • Marks in extreme conditions, even writes under water and on rusty surfaces. • Ergonomically correct marker that enables you to mark at all angles, even upside down. • Markers can be used to permanently identify inventory, assemblies, tools, work in progress or finished products while resisting high temperatures. • Heavy duty aluminum body with large paint capacity. • Paint flow is controlled by the pressure bulb at the end of the barrel. • Stainless steel ball tips won’t wear out on rough or rusty surfaces. • Available in 2 tips sizes – Fine and Medium. Color Medium Black White Yellow Temp Ranges Black 2000◦ F (1093◦ C) White 800 - 900◦ F (426 - 482◦ C) Yellow 800 - 900◦ F (426 - 482◦ C) • Safe on most surfaces. • Surface tests should be run to determine compatibility prior to use. • Temperature resistance varies by color. HEALTH AND SAFETY . • Combustible liquid and vapor. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Use only with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES : Appearance: Varies Odor: Aromatic Specific Gravity: >1 VOC level: 29% - 39% Flash point: 108°F Dry Time* : 25-30 minutes * Note: Drying time may vary depending on film thickness. DIRECTIONS FOR USE . • To start flow press rubber bulb to pressurize • Depress steel ball tip to start flow. • Wipe tip clean before storing

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